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we believe the secret to living in harmony is finding your natural balance

modern life is a balancing act

negotiating your time and energy between friends, family, work, fitness, travelling and fun
can often be destabilising and that's before the outside world throws us curveballs.

the result is increased levels of non-fun stuff like stress, anxiety, cloudy mood, low energy and trouble getting to sleep.
that's where we come in. we believe that taking things back to our roots, through nature, is the solution.
albeit, with a luxury edge and satisfying aesthetic.

mindfulness and slowing down are key. however, sometimes we just need a little 'something'
in the moment to help nudge us back towards balance. this is where essential oils are ace.

essential oils are the finest elements of flora, botanicals and plantlife distilled down into their purest form.
by including them in useful daily products and diffusing them in your space,
you're soothing your body and mind with real goodness from the natural world and harnessing its powerful benefits.
quite quickly, you find calm and contentedness and there's no looking back.

so say hello to taking a moment and to the future of wellbeing.
welcome, to moment wellbeing

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a little more about us

moment wellbeing was born in the uk out of a desire to share wellbeing goodness and good vibes through releasing the power of plants. we are committed to bringing the magic of essential oils to the world in a luxury, desirable aesthetic that makes you proud to use our products. everything we do is underpinned with first class service and a joyful customer experience. 

thanks for joining us on our journey to living in harmony - good times ahead!